Maintenance Stop

In July and August, the annual preventive maintenance of the Chaglla Hydroelectric Plant was successfully carried out, including its 220 kV transmission line. The two main 225 MW generating units and the 6.3 MW PCH unit were comprehensively inspected, highlighting among these the revision of turbines, generators, and auxiliary systems.

Upon completion of the annual inspection, it was found that the three generating units, turbines, and components are in optimal condition. It should be noted that one of the objectives of this preventive maintenance is to maintain high standards of availability and reliability, in order to contribute to a supply of high-quality and reliable electrical energy to the Peruvian electrical system.

These activities were developed even in difficult circumstances due to the Covid-19 situation, with maximum industrial safety and demanding sanitary protocols to safeguard the health of our members and guarantee the reliability of the operation.