Success Story: Sustainable Aquaculture

In 2019, we started the “Mi piscigranja Comunal” program in the village of Higrompampa, an area of influence of the Chaglla Hydroelectric Power Plant, to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants through the breeding and marketing of paco, a native fish from the jungle.

In May 2020, after culminating with the successful sale of the first harvest of paco, the residents of Higrompampa, represented by their community association, were winners of the national contest organized by the National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA) for the implementation of a module for carachama, also a native jungle fish, with the support of the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP).

In August, the technical assistance workshops on carachama reproduction and rearing began. Also, the residents are being advised for new second planting, raising, and marketing of paco.